So sad.

That’s my aunt holding her youngest granddaughter when she was born.

I am devastated by her loss, and the loss of her son.

I can’t even begin to fathom what my cousin is going through. She says she is “really sad.” That’s saying a lot for my cousin who doesn’t really express emotion much.

I am just horrified. It made the news here and there is video of the accident scene and I can’t imagine what they went through. The car was upside down and basically a crumpled shell.

I’m so upset.

I hate that this happened. I hate more that it happened at Christmas.

I don’t have anyone I can talk to about it because it’s freaking Christmas.

I called the coaching line for my therapist’s office because they are there 24/7 and someone is getting holiday pay to answer pages I guess.

I am just a mess. Hopefully they call back soon.

I don’t really need “coaching” though. I just need someone to listen to me for a minute and tell me it’s okay to be sad.

My heart hurts.

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