What you don’t want to hear…

So on an undisclosed day recently that happened to be my birthday, my friend texted me to tell me she had covid.

Of course I am horrified and concerned for her.

I’m also concerned for me since I went to breakfast with her three days before that.

I had to cancel my appointments the next day and make telehealth appointments and try to schedule a covid test with my healthcare system in case it is positive.

I am honestly worried because I am very tired and am congested. I really am not in love with the idea of having covid over Christmas. As if this year didn’t suck enough.

So currently I’m quarantining, and it could be worse.

I can get a rapid covid test in town I think, but I’m not up to taking myself in to get it.

So… I am waiting.


I just want this year to end!

Image from Pexels.

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