Unproductive day.

I can’t stop them. I’m experiencing wicked anxiety and I just sort of froze today. I didn’t get anything done.

I feel sort of like a turtle hiding in his shell. I just can’t get out of it.

I’m really having a hard time. I needed to wrap presents today and do laundry, but neither of those things happened. It completely sucks.

So… I’m just laying here.

I hate that I’m so useless. I need to figure out how to be more productive. I am not and it’s a problem.

I can’t just do things like a normal person.

I don’t understand.

I am so frustrated.

I have no energy to expend on anything. It’s so hard. I need to help my mom. I have to.

I need to help my friends. I have to.

I’m just crumbling.



Image from Pexels.

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