This is my luck…

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for a blood pressure check and he also took a look at my hand since I had a bite from my cat.

I ended up needing a tetanus shot along with some antibiotics. Yay me.

Today my arm is swollen up like a golfball where I got the shot. No kidding. It’s ridiculous. It’s also really itchy.

I’m allergic to all of the normal antihistamines, so it’s super fun.

I called the nurse line and she was very nice and informed me that I could have this lump for up to two months.


I mean she also said it could turn into cellulitis or be the start of some crazy allergic reaction too so hey. I guess I’m hoping for the two month thing?

It’s never easy. I swear.

Gotta laugh.

Image from Pexels.

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