And it’s begun…

⚠️ warning for alcohol



My mom just handed me a glass of wine.

I am pretty excited about it to be honest. My stepdad makes it and it is pretty amazing. This one is a Riesling and is nice and sweet.

I especially enjoy it when we get out the crystal and use it because it’s extra pretty.

I realize not everyone can imbibe, but I so rarely drink, this holiday seems like a good time.

I am feeling a little better after a break in my room in the quiet space. I also am enjoying the traditional Lions Football game, even though they are playing awfully per usual.

It’s not all bad. I am drinking my half a glass of wine and watching this terrible halftime show…

Food is in the oven and the house is starting to smell yummy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!

Photo by me.

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