My own fault…

This is my kitty. She is happy to lay next to people, but is less thrilled about being petted and definitely does not want to be picked up.

She has a zero tolerance policy for things most of the time, and tends to bite when she doesn’t like what’s happening. Usually, she gives me a warning “nibble” to express her displeasure, (she never growls or hisses).

Yesterday however, I ignored the nibble and kept petting her. Stupid on my part. I was batting at her paws. Apparently, she really didn’t like that because she bit me hard and broke the skin which she has never done.

So… I had a doctor’s appointment anyway today and asked him about it and he made me update my tetanus shot and put me on antibiotics for a week. No joke.

I mean, in fairness he said that you don’t mess around with wounds on your hands, but it is just a tiny little thing. It’s red and inflamed, but it’s not like infected. I don’t know. Obviously, I am not a doctor.

So… that was my fun this morning. Again, totally my fault. I absolutely should have known better than to harass my cat. She’s older and not into being prodded at.

All I can say is thankfully the arm where I got the shot doesn’t hurt really. So that’s good.

Sigh. Lesson learned.

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