More appointments this week

I had an appointment with a specialist this morning for a rather uncomfortable procedure. I guess it was good to find out that things looked okay, but now I have to go back for an even more uncomfortable one in January.

Oh well.

I also have to go see my primary care tomorrow dark and early because the new blood pressure medication he gave me was sort of a disaster.

I didn’t even remember I took it until I happened to take my blood pressure later in the day and it was low and my pulse was climbing over 111. It got up to 124 at it’s highest point. That isn’t dangerous I guess, but it made me feel terrible.

My resting pulse is usually 70, so I felt disgusting and my chest hurt and I did not feel well overall.

I noticed that earlier in the day I was a little hyper and like “bouncy” and I thought it was out of the norm for me. I even told my friend I thought maybe I was getting hypomanic. Just turned out that my pulse was starting to escalate.

Good times.

I love when I can’t tell the difference between a physical medical condition and a mental health one.


Image from Pexels.

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