I guess I just needed to sleep!

I feel tons better this morning. I’m not sure what Friday night and yesterday were about, but this morning I just feel a little tired. Not like “I can’t move” tired.

I’ll probably take it easy today, just in case, but I mean, I do feel so much better.

I kind of want to put up the Christmas tree, but that’s a ton of work. Our tree really should be like three trees. We have so many ornaments that you can’t see the tree! They’re mostly hallmark ones from throughout the years. Forty years’ worth.

Maybe I’ll start on it today.

I also kind of want to go shopping, but I might just do it online. Seems safer all around. I mean, I did that Covid test to be safe, but who knows? Also it’s running rampant around here right now as it is, and I don’t really want it even though I have the vaccine, so… I may do my shopping from my couch.

I also need a shower in the worst way.

That’s my day!

We’ll see how much of it I accomplish. Hopefully at least the shower!

Image from Pexels.

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