I slept all day…

…and it was pretty awesome.

I mean, I think I was fighting off a migraine or something because I couldn’t really wake up to do anything and I totally missed my niece’s 7th birthday party, (which I feel awful about), but I needed to rest.

It was mandatory.

I also don’t know if the EMDR therapy I did yesterday just knocked me out. I mean maybe.

Who knows?

I just know I am down for the count.

I even took an at home covid test to make sure I wasn’t sick with that, but that came back negative.

So I don’t know really. Just know I feel like I got hit by a truck. I only have one medical appointment this week, and if I still feel weird Monday, (it’s on Tuesday), I’ll reschedule it. It’s not an emergent thing.

Anyway, that’s why no other posts today. I’ve been sleeping!

Headed off to sleepy land again shortly.

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