Through the roof!

The anxiety I’m experiencing is literally through the stratosphere.

I cannot explain why it’s so bad. Not really.

I mean, yes, my friend died and my other friend almost died, but there are other things circling around as well.

I got labs back from my doctor’s visit on Monday and I apparently have some kind of autoimmune issue going on. It tested sort of like this before, but not this specific way, so I’m hoping five years later she can help narrow it down.

We’ll see.

I know it would be neat to have some answers. I never thought to meet with an allergist/immunologist before.


I also went to the dentist today. I freaking hate the dentist. He’s very nice, but I always have near panic attacks when I’m there. It sucks.

I should have run one more errand today, but honestly I have been all over town for three days and I didn’t have it in me anymore.

I can do it tomorrow. I have a med review and a meeting with my dietician then.


I am just wiped/freaked out.

I’ll be happy when this year is over.

Image from Pexels.

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