Another call into my psych

I called my psych’s office again this morning.

I realized that my “safety plan” from last week’s ER visit was for me to call her. Oops.

I talked to the nurse this morning and I relayed that I was sinking again.

The nurse said that my PA has no appointments available between now and when my appointment is in the middle of next month, (of course), but that my PA will call me back.

I sort of hate that because I feel like I’m “grounded” until my phone rings.

I need to talk to her and I will be anxious until I get a chance to.

It’s also about having a private place to have that phone call.

It’s annoying.

So yeah. Just trying to keep myself swimming.

Still haven’t gotten into the shower yet. It’s raining and freezing outside. Seriously.


Image from Pexels.

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