Made the call to psych

I called my psych’s office and left a message for the nurses after messaging with my therapist.

It’s pretty obvious that something not so good is happening.

I read my journal from yesterday and realized that I was irritable. Then this morning I am literally talking to whomever will talk to me. I don’t think that’s so good. I mean thankfully they are awesome friends who are talking to me, but I’m probably irritating them.

I also, and this is not so good, was shamelessly flirting with a high school boyfriend online last night.

So, all those symptoms combined tell me that something is not right. I’m even having a hard time typing as fast as my brain wants to spit the words out.

The later the day is getting, the faster my thoughts are racing. I’m kind of scared to be honest. I’m glad I called the clinic.


I hate bipolar sometimes. Sometimes it’s okay. Most of the time it sucks.

Image from Pexels.

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