Should’ve gotten up earlier

I kind of like my morning routine.

I drink my one cup of coffee for the day. I sit and scroll Facebook to check on my friends. I relax for a while, just kind of letting the day “settle in.”

Today I have a doctors appointment early and so I didn’t set my alarm in time to do all of those things.

I honestly thought I did, but apparently I did not.

I feel rushed.

I hate that.

So here I am sucking down my cup of coffee before my mandatory shower.

Woo hoo.

I wish I had gotten more sleep. It might have made this morning easier. I just had a hard time getting to sleep last night after class.

I was really anxious about that exam, and then we did a role play thing that I totally messed up because I got lost too much in my head. It didn’t help that the prof popped in while it was my turn.


That’s okay. I’m taking this weekend to just relax and take a break from school. I need the mental health break. I am not doing what I did last week. I stressed myself out so much and I don’t think the final product was worth it.

Alright. Gotta finish this coffee!

Image from Pexels.

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