Today’s the day!

Today I have my med review and my exam/class.


I am anxious about both.

I also have a couple of other things I’d like to accomplish today, but I don’t know if I will be able to do them before class.

The only consolation about having this exam today is that class will be three hours long instead of four. That is nice.

I have a very hard time sitting through four hours of class. Even with a break, it’s difficult for me to do that.

I am trying.

I feel a little more stable than I did last night. I’m not sure what was going on that I felt so “off.” I just did yesterday. I assume it was massive anxiety.

Anyway, I should have showered this morning, but somehow I ran out of time. I at least need to do something with this mop of hair and brush my teeth!

I’ll update after my med review!

Image from Pexels.

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