I determined my problem…

It’s only Monday. I do not feel enough pressure to feel motivated to do this school stuff.

I mean, I have a really good start on my paper and I have all but two chapters worth of flash cards done, but I’m just not feeling it today.

My focus is off.

Maybe I’ll be bored enough later to come back to it. I’m trying not to start any projects or anything so I will want to work on school.

I like school. It’s just… hard to pay attention to it.

I have to leave my house in a half hour anyway to get the windshield repaired on my car.

I also probably should find a protein bar to bring with me or something. I shouldn’t skip lunch, (even though I want to).

I also got an appointment with a doctor I really needed to see, and I can see her at the end of this week. It was some kind of miracle because she was booked until December.

So yeah.

Still getting things done, just not all school.

Image from Pexels.

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