Anxiety central

My brain is buzzing with anxiety today.

I’m worried about my paper that’s due this week. I know I said I would set that aside for the weekend, but I’m having a hard time doing that.

I am worried about going to the library with my nieces. I haven’t seen them much lately because they are in school now and their weekends are usually tied up. It’s just sort of nerve wracking because I’m afraid I will say or do something wrong.

I am worried about a friend of mine who is miserable who wants me to essentially babysit her tomorrow. I enjoy spending time with her, but I don’t want to just sit in her house and be miserable too. It also raises the question of what I’ll do for food when I’m there. That is a serious issue. I may pack a bag of food that I can eat.

So yeah.

Just on anxiety overdrive.

Image from Pexels.

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