Writing and laundry…

I wish my clean laundry looked like that…

It’s currently in a pile in front of the washer. It’s clean, though. I mean, at least the stuff I washed is.

I need to wash more things, but until I start putting things away, there’s no more room to put the clean laundry.


I also wrote a paper today. Yay me.

I am feeling pretty good about that.

I reviewed the reading I was supposed to do for class tomorrow. I don’t think I actually read it closely this weekend, so I’m glad I did that.

I also talked to some friends, ate healthy, and took care of my mom for a while.

The anxiety I was experiencing before seems to have lessened some. I’m very grateful for that.

So overall, not a bad day.

Hope all of you had reasonable days as well!

Image from Pexels.

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