Sigh, I hope…

…that my therapist gets the message that I need her instead of the other person working the coaching line.

I guess it’s fine, but I don’t really need DBT coaching.

I kind of just need my therapist to know what’s going on with me and all of the anxiety that I’ve been experiencing.

My mom is really sick. Like really sick. She’s not in the hospital or anything, but she probably should be.

I am so worried about her.

I am worried about a friend who is not doing well.

I am scared to drive my new car very far because I don’t want anything to happen.

I am scared of screwing up school.

I am just scared.

I just really want to talk to my therapist. I guess that’s selfish. I thought I could go a month without having therapy, but trying to do that with school just starting, like losing that support, was more than I bargained for.

I count on that support more than I realized.

Which is also scary.


Image from Pexels.

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