Kind of a tough day

I sort of had an okay day. Then again, I sort of didn’t.

I went and got my hair done, but then was confused about whether I was supposed to tip her or not because she wasn’t paying rent and I thought you didn’t tip… but she’s also a friend… it was so confusing. I asked her and it got weird.

I still feel weird about it. I rounded up, but it wasn’t really a “tip” and I guess I should have tipped her more or not at all? I don’t know.

So anyway.

I had that. Then I found out that when we sold my old car, both me and my stepdad had to sign the title because both our names were on the car. Duh. I didn’t sign it because the menfolk didn’t think I needed to. Oops.

So I had to drive like 40 miles to sort that out.

In between that, I met someone for lunch who was having a terrible no good rotten day. I ate junk food and felt gross about it, but I’m hoping it helped her day some.

I came home and did some more reading for class while simultaneously trying to help another friend figure out the law school application process, (a process I’m sadly very familiar with- blog post for another day), and got the reading done.

I then ate like 1200 calories worth of Panera Mac and cheese and marshmallows (separately).

I feel disgusting.

So yeah.

Just trying to balance everything right now.

I need my therapist just to bounce things off of.


Image from Pexels.

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