Stupid month!

Due to a bunch of bureaucratic crap and the fact that my therapist’s office is merging with the local community mental health agency, (something that I am just thrilled about), I don’t get to see my therapist for three more weeks.

I’m lucky I get to see her at all really. It could have ended up worse for me (and her).

I guess I’m just frustrated because, while I’m in a relatively decent place, I do have things I need to figure out.

I did have things I wanted to bring to the table tomorrow.

Sigh. It’s so not my therapist’s fault.

I just hate the stupid system.

So… yeah.

That’s my gripe for today. I’m trying to do grad school, I’m terrified, I’m in the second week, and I have to figure out the next three without a therapist. If there’s a crisis I can still contact her, but she’s so busy, I don’t want to bother her with “I’m freaked out” calls.


Image from Pexels.

3 thoughts on “Stupid month!

    1. Yeah. Turns out I’m doing better with it than I thought. That first week and a half was really hard because I had a lot of anxiety and stuff going on, but now it’s okay.

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