Med review today

I see my psych soon and I have things I really need to discuss with her.

First on the list is changing my prescriptions from weekly pickups back to regular monthly pickups.

Four or five months ago when I was not well, I guess it made sense, although I would never hurt myself with something a doctor prescribed me. It would be such a breach of trust and they have to do paperwork etc. I just wouldn’t do that.

I’m so frustrated with her. I asked for them to be changed back earlier this month and she was not receptive, but in fairness, it was over the phone. I’m hoping if I ask in person, she will change it.

I also want to ask her to up one of my antidepressants. I’m hoping that doesn’t sabotage my first request, but I’m not having any kind of self harm thoughts, I’m just really struggling with motivation and getting going every day.

I guess we’ll see.

I just want to have normalcy.

Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Med review today

    1. She did listen. Thanks. I could have them delivered I guess, but the idea of being forced to be home all day one day a week, even though I probably would be, but the idea of HAVING to be there, irritates me greatly. I just like having my independence.

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