Stupid emergency room

I sort of “casually” went to the emergency room today.

Before you judge me, hear me out.

I couldn’t get an appointment with my doctor for a solid week and I went to the immediate care place associated with my health system and they would not help with my issue.

So… the only way to have the issue on my health record and still get treatment was to go to the ER.

So stupid.

Anyway, I went for an ear infection and a skin issue and both got treated and I now have meds for both. Yee haw.

I sort of feel like an idiot because my doctor could have taken care of these things had I been able to see him, but I couldn’t, and they would have been really bad emergencies by next week.

So… whatever.

The doctor at the ER was nice and no one gave me crap for abusing the ER after I told them about my issue.

So there’s that.

The upside of today is, unlike yesterday, I managed to accomplish things.

I showered, (without washing my hair, but it’s a positive step). I took a bag of trash out. I picked up prescriptions. Twice. I took care of myself medically. I fed the cat. I took some time for self care and I was awake before 11 am. I did things.

I need to do more things towards getting important things done, but this was a good start.


Anyway, I’m off to sleep.

Good night!!

Image from Pexels.

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