Like crap on a stick

I am not feeling the best.

I went to the emergency room yesterday with upper left abdominal pain, and it looks a lot like I have the beginning of pancreatitis again.

I’m trying to nurse myself back to health with fluids and meds.

I feel disgusting.

They sort of don’t believe me when I tell them that it starts out painful and “colicky” and my pancreatic enzymes start off high, but not “super” high.

It’s such a pain.

So they give me pain and nausea meds and send me home.

Which is okay.

I really hate pain meds so I only take them when I absolutely have to.

The nausea is unreal though and I have a harder time keeping that at bay.

Also, I keep feeling “too hot” like one giant hot flash. I don’t know what that’s about.

So yeah. Good times.

I also don’t like taking these meds because they screw with my mood and can make me more depressed. So I seriously try not to take them. I kind of can’t handle the pain though, so it’s a trade off.


Image from Pexels.

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