New meds and trying

My psych added a new antidepressant to my cocktail of meds yesterday.

I am hopeful that the med will help lift me up out of the constant state of low level depression I seem to be in.

It’s kind of like I’m under water but I can see the surface and just can’t break through. It’s very frustrating.

So far I’m not a huge fan of the side effects, but I’m hoping that they will go away after a couple of weeks. I rarely find a med that has zero side effects, or at least tolerable ones at the beginning. They are usually obnoxious and I just have to ride them out.

My therapist and I agreed that I have been doing the things I need to do for recovery. I mean, are there things I could be doing better? Yes. Am I doing the best that I can in this moment? Yes.

That leaves a medication adjustment as a brat next step to try and lift me up to the next level.

At least I hope so.

Image from Pexels.

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