I like sleep.

I am tired and worn out again and I am so grateful to be back in my bed.


I love sleep.

It’s funny because at different times in my life, I’ve hated sleep, or rather, the necessity of it. Now I am so happy to get rest, and enough of it, it’s almost silly.

I do have to get up kind of early for an appointment tomorrow, so I need to go to sleep soon, but I am hoping that won’t be a problem.

It’s actually a very important part of my stability- getting enough sleep.

I know not everyone has the same symptoms and we can’t paint everyone with bipolar disorder in the same box, but if I start functioning well on tiny amounts of it, I know that I am headed for trouble. Likewise, I worry when I sleep for too long or too much too many days in a row. I know that’s trouble too.

It can be a good early warning sign for me.

Sometimes it’s just a sign that I’m doing too much.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I can get things done and rest and do it at my pace. Hopefully.

Alright… speaking of sleep…

Image from Pexels.

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