Survived volunteering!

I volunteered today for an entire shift.

That’s pretty good for me because I usually don’t make it longer than three hours.

I just want to help out where I can.

I added some serious caffeine to my day today and that seemed to help me focus.

I am tired, but I am at my cousins’ now playing with the girls and getting ready for dinner. I wanted to help with dinner because my cousins are a little strapped for cash and I knew it would help.

So yeah.

I also wanted to see the girls and my cousins today, even though it’s like a bazillion degrees outside. Thankfully, it’s supposed to cool off in the upcoming days.

I am feeling… a little calmer now that volunteering is out of the way this week. I haven’t been as good about some of my goals for my dietician and I’m a little worried about seeing her this week, but I guess I can’t be perfect all the time.

At least I get a little break tomorrow. That will be nice. I mean, I have projects I need to work on, but I will get to have a little down time.

I need to take care of laundry and other things tomorrow that I have been putting off due to life stuff. I can rest in between though.

I have zero break time Thursday and only a little on Friday, so I am going to take full advantage tomorrow.

Recovery is sometimes busy and sometimes it’s calm. I am trying to find the balance.

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