So stressed I’m sick

I’ve had this stupid headache all week.

It is worse at times and abates at others, but I can’t get it to really go away.

I am pretty sure it’s stress related.

I really haven’t given myself a break this week, and if people had their way, I wouldn’t get one.

I really need one.

My friend that is sick wants/needs more help than I can offer right now.

My family is still working on my grandparents’ house trying to get it cleaned out.

My mom’s health is kind of sketchy. My dad in Georgia says he’s okay, but I can tell there’s something going on with him as well.

I have to volunteer because I committed to it.

I have to go to therapy because it keeps me sane through all the rest of this.

Seeing my cousin and her family is awesome, and it’s a kind of therapy for me, but it does bite into my quiet time.

With all of this, I haven’t even done laundry in two weeks. I still kind of have clothes because I have too many clothes, but I need to do some today. My room is still a disaster.

My brain is going nonstop because all I did last night was dream.


Anyway, I think I’m going to have to take part of the weekend and rest. That’s the goal.

I have to make this headache go away.

Image from Pexels.

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