Rainy day today

I drove all the way to therapy without my glasses. Like an idiot.

I didn’t realize I had forgotten them until I was almost there, so I guess I didn’t miss them that much.

It’s just raining really hard today.

It’s sort of congruent with my mood. I don’t feel the best today.

I don’t feel as awful as I did earlier this week, but I don’t feel great.

Cleaning out my grandparents’ drawers and closets was kind of painful. Lots of memories and just hard things to get rid of that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else.

Things like my grandpa’s Christmas sweater with stains on it. Had to throw it away, but it hurt my heart. We were donating to the homeless shelter and I don’t donate stained items because the homeless deserve more dignity than that. Also, it was bright red and a cardigan, so I’m seriously doubting it would have been a highly sought after item. Just made me sad to throw it away.

I slept for a long time last night which is another indicator that my mood is a little off.

I was trying not to flirt with this guy who wants to flirt with me. I don’t want to encourage him really. I don’t think I can do a relationship right now, so I just kind of was nice. I think he is taking that the wrong way though.

I don’t know.

Oh well.

This rain is ridiculous.

So glad covid makes it so we get to stand outside and wait for our therapists…

Image from Pexels.

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