Whacky dreams…

I had some screwy dreams last night that I think woke me up.

I’m pretty sure they came about because I FaceTimed my nieces last night and they were being super silly.

One of them is six and full of it, while the other is four and also full of it.

The six year old just finished kindergarten, and is full of facts and loves to learn.

The four year old is obsessed with poop. It’s just the age.

So yeah. They are goofy.

I dreamt that I gave them each two dozen eggs and that they were breaking them all over their house. I know better than to give children eggs, (I mean, unless they are the cooked kind we are dying for Easter), but for some reason my dreaming brain thought it was hysterical.

There are worse things to dream about.

I’m just so excited that they are back where I can visit them. I missed them so terribly much.

They are bright spots in my life.

I get to see them today, hopefully, so that will be good.

I’m so sleepy still. I need to wake up or go back to sleep for a while. Can’t decide.

Probably wake up.

Image from Pexels.

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