Busy day of fun


I have to go to the podiatrist today… again.

I see my dietician today… again. I like her though. She’s super nice. I feel like I should see her every week, but my insurance doesn’t cover her and I can’t afford to, so I kind of can’t. I have to do it biweekly.

I have to admit that I totally forgot what my goals were supposed to be for the last two weeks, but I think situations have changed/stabilized since then, so I need different goals now.

Whatever. That’s why it would be better to see her weekly.

I have to also go to my grandparents’ house and help to sort clothes and clean out closets. I’m kind of dreading that.

I do get to see my cousins and their girls today! I’m pretty excited about that. So that should be good.

It’s just going to be a busy day. That’s all.

I have to force myself into the shower this morning as well.

So I guess it isn’t that bad. Just dreading sorting closets at grandparents. It’s not pleasant, but it needs to be done.

So yeah. Good times.

Image from Pexels.

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