Road trip!

I rode along with my friend’s BFF, (who also happens to be my friend as well), up so she could visit my friend in the hospital.

My friend can only have one visitor, so I’m chilling in the car, but it’s all good. I didn’t want the BFF friend to make this entire drive alone.

It’s a longer drive for her than it is for me, and she’s a bit older than me. Plus, she had to come when it was later in the day.

So… it is just more pleasant to have someone to go along with you I think.

The only thing I’m really missing is nicotine. Holy hell am I missing that.

I should have put on a patch.

Other than that, I’m good.

It’s been a fun ride.

Hopefully, things are going well in the hospital right now. I hope that they are.

So yeah. I’m seriously contemplating a nap right now. Just tired.

Should have brought the energy drink I was thinking about bringing.

Oh well.

I’ll be extra sleepy when I get home.

It could be worse.

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