Can we talk about Britney?

Okay. I’m not a celebrity gossip blogger.

I usually blog about my mental health.

Except today, I am reading snippets of what Ms. Spears said to a California judge regarding her conservancy, and frankly, it’s kind of horrifying.

Apparently she has been forced to have an IUD to keep her from getting pregnant. I’m sorry. We’re still sterilizing the mentally ill? Really?

I’ll admit I don’t know the circumstances surrounding her situation, but she did say that they “forced her to take lithium” so it’s a good bet that she’s suffering from some form of mental illness and probably not a stretch to guess that it involves bipolar disorder.

I cannot imagine someone I didn’t feel like I could trust having the reigns over my entire life for thirteen years.

I cannot imagine not being able to choose to marry who I want, (a freedom only recently gained in the US for some and not a reality elsewhere for others I know), but still.

I can’t imagine not being free to say what I wanted to say or doing what I wanted to do.

I mean, I’ll be honest and say I’ve been under an alternative treatment order briefly in my life, and hated it, but at least the people in charge of it were kind and people who were literally trying to take the least amount of freedoms away as possible. It was not the same as a conservatorship though, and I can’t imagine living under that.

I’m sorry to rant about this. It’s just scary. Maybe she needs it. Maybe she doesn’t need all of it.

I don’t know.

I know it freaks me out.

Image from Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Can we talk about Britney?

  1. It is horrifying! I cant believe that someone can be put under something like that. It would make me so nervous. I mean to have a mental illness, in case I was put under that and forced into all these treatments etc. xx

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    1. Here, it’s not unheard of for judges to order people to comply with treatment, (whether that’s medication or therapy, etc), and sometimes that means people get their medications in injections instead of tablets (and there can be LOTS of reasons for someone to get their medication by injection, that’s just one of them).

      I’ve seriously never heard of someone being forced to have an IUD to keep them from becoming pregnant.

      I get why people would be ordered to comply with treatment. I don’t get the extreme limits placed on her life. She can’t ride in the car with her boyfriend for goodness’ sake. That seems a little extreme. She’s nearly 40.


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