Groggy and headachy

I feel like I’m in a fog.

I’m not certain I’m enjoying the bump in my meds.

I couldn’t get to sleep again last night, I had to run to the bathroom like four or five times in the middle of the night after I ate, and after I finally fell asleep, I woke up groggy and with a headache.

It’s seriously no fun.

I had plans for today that I had to scrap.

I am not sure how I’m going to handle this.

I can’t get a hold of my psych until Monday, so I’m either going to cut the extra dose in half until then or just not take it until Monday.

I might try the half thing tonight if I can find a pill cutter. I have them, I’m just not sure where they are.

Anyway, my intestinal tract is still angry even though all I’ve eaten today is a tangerine. Every time I take a drink of something I’m running to the bathroom. I’m not really a fan. It was like that every time I ate when I first started the med, but it settled down after a month. I don’t know if I can handle it with liquids though. Not sure how I’m going to stay hydrated…

Just frustrated.

I guess I get to be frustrated.

Image from Pexels.

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