Feeling more human

I’m still tired, but not exhausted anymore.

I think that’s an improvement.

I know I said I feel more human, and then I posted a pic of me as a cartoon. It’s kind of a joke. I feel somewhere in between.

I feel a little more balanced.

I’m not all-the-way balanced, but I do feel less hopeless. I’m still not very motivated. I need to work on that.

I need my brain to be firing on all cylinders to do the things I need it to do. It’s just a gazillion degrees outside and that saps my energy for the entire day.

I’m also still feeling the depressive “fog” that makes everything harder.

I hate that.

So whatever. Hopefully, I can focus on little things today and get bigger things done tomorrow.

That’s the goal.

By the way, did anyone see the eclipse this morning?? I was too tired to get up that early, but the pictures were cool.

Okay, off to rest a little before my dietican appointment. I really hope she can help get me back on track.

Image from Viola app.

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