I missed my family

I have two cousins I’m close to.

One I am closer to now and has two little girls and lives in Florida she’s a sister for sure. We talk nearly every day. She can’t make it to the funeral and I’m gutted about that.

The other, is my cousin that I grew up super tight with. She is like my sister as well, but we talk sometimes once a year. I hate that. She lives in Tennessee. Anyway, she is here and we spent time together yesterday, and we might as well have been little girls again.

I missed her so much!

I hate that these people live so far away!

It is good for my soul to see them.

I am so sad, it’s like a balm for my soul. God knew I needed my cousin.

Her sister is coming today, and I’m pretty excited about seeing her too.


Image from Pexels.

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