Well, at least it’s not…

At least it’s not pancreatitis.

I have no idea what made me so sick and put me in so much pain.

Like really.

It was really really bad.

I’m still a little sick and in pain, but not like I was at 2:30 this afternoon.

I really thought something had burst or ripped or something because I was ready to black out.


I’m still alive. Plus one for me.

The doctor was super disinterested in me since I have so many sensitivities to medications. He wanted me out of there as much as I wanted to leave.

Win win for me. Especially since I sat there for FIVE HOURS waiting. On a WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.

Seriously. If their doctors would see people same day though, this would not be a problem.

Well, human behavior. It’d be less of one.

It would also help if they opened an urgent care in town affiliated with their hospital system. One that could order labs.

Would save me a TON of hassle.

Anyway, just me ranting. I’m glad I’m not stuck in the hospital during the funeral of my grandpa. I will likely not be eating much for the next couple of days so as not to repeat that pain, but it’s all good.

I’ll be okay.

Image from Pexels.

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