When NOT to shop

Let me tell you. The time to shop online is NOT in the middle of the night when you are anxiously awaiting a call from hospice that your grandfather has passed.

Just a tip.

I stopped myself from spending an obscene amount of money on, admittedly cute, clothes I don’t need.

Like, I have four zip up hoodies. I don’t really need the one with the cute rainbow heart on it. I just want it.

It would make me feel better in 4-6 days when it got here. So would the cute belt.

Don’t get me started on the other site i was about to wander onto. That one is my kryptonite and is way too expensive for me.

Talk about melting plastic.

Anyway, sanity and someone popping into my Facebook messenger at just the right time saved the day, (or night I guess).

I need to do something with this anxiety though. I think I’m going to play in my closet and pretend I’m shopping.


Image from Pexels.

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