Rest now Grandpa

Close your eyes

Let your soul rise

To the skies

Your time with us

May be done

But we will always

Remember how much fun

You had with us

While you were here

And how you always

Called Grandma “dear.”

We remember the lake

And the cottage too

And watching Tigers

Games with you.

Teaching us all

How to fish

Oh my Grandpa

How I wish

For one more day

In the sun

On the pontoon

But before I’m done

We remember you dancing

With such grace

And the look that

Would light your face

When Grandma came

Into a room

And how you always

Brought her fresh blooms.

We remember tubing

Behind your boat

And the crazy ski belts

That kept us afloat.

Watching birds with

Pure delight

And listening to you

Snore at night.

With joy we remember how

Every single holiday

At your loving home

Was something to celebrate.

Easter egg hunts and

Pumpkins on Halloween

And you always got us

In front of that tree.

So many memories

And the loss is still raw

But we were blessed

To call you “Grandpa.”

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