Back into sparkles!

I fit back into one of my favorite pair of jeans!

They have Swarovski crystals on them in pink and white. I absolutely adore them.

They are fun.

It’s not as hot today so I don’t have to wear shorts to survive, and I wanted to try them on.

I was pleasantly surprised.

So yeah.

I’m a little bummed because my headache appears to be coming back, but I found some ancient headache medicine in my car, so I took that. It’s probably less effective, but it’s something.

I am trying to stay distracted. It’s pretty difficult if I’m honest. My grandpa is going to go at any moment, and I’m just dreading finding out.

I have my appointment with my dietician here in ten minutes.

Hopefully she can get me through this mess without me ballooning back to my old weight.

I might even make it a one-week gap instead of two.

This is so hard.

Photo by me.

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