Going to the house

We went to my grandparents house.

I wandered through the empty house and took just a couple of things- a placemat, a “grandmother” gift I had given my grandma when I was little, a Jesus plaque I was fascinated with as a child that my grandma had to explain to me- nothing of any value. Just memories.

Honestly. This house has stood for nearly 80 years belonging to my family. So many memories.

My mom was saying how the middle bedroom was her room for 72 years and now it’s gone.

My name is on the chandelier from the dining room. I needed a piece of the house. My grandma knew that and put my name on it before she passed eight years ago.

It feels like I’m losing her all over again though. As long as we had the house, I could “visit” her memories.

My uncle is in a hurry to unload the house so… it’s not going to be around for long.

I’m just sad.

I’m slated to visit my grandpa again Wednesday.

Honestly, I hope he’s not suffering that long.

This whole thing is just sad.

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