Well, I’m here…

…and I inadvertently parked next to a lilac bush.

This wouldn’t mean anything to anyone besides me I guess, but I prayed on the way here for God to send my grandma to be with me while I visited my grandpa.

My grandma always had lilac bushes. They are also my favorite flowers.

It’s just budding out, so it’s not super fragrant like it will be in a few days, but it’s beautiful.

God works in all kinds of ways.

If I told you I wasn’t in tears on the way driving here to the hospice home, I’d be lying. If I told you I still didn’t feel like crying, that’d also be a lie.

I am sitting in my car trying to get it together.

So yeah.

I just thought the lilacs were a nice touch.

Photo by me, (obviously since I’m not a photographer lol).

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