I almost forgot!

I had a therapy appointment yesterday right? That went well, but before hand I had to stand outside to be let in the building because of covid.

So one of the joys of that is that there are usually always people hanging out there too. Part of that is the location in town, and part of that is the services that this location provides aside from just therapy.

ANYWAY, this guy starts talking to me about all kinds of things that are more “stream of consciousness” kinds of things- which is totally fine- I don’t really mind it, but I did totally mind when he told me I needed to lose weight to be “prettier.”


Like, I tried to chalk it up to “he was not super organized or doing very well,” but I mean, he was also fairly honest.

Also, I am fat so… that just sucked.

I didn’t bring it up in therapy. I should have. I had other things I was trying to get to and then we had to do my testament plan review thing.

Anyway. That just sucked.

I hate that it’s totally fine to point out to people that they need to lose weight and to tell them ways that they could do it.

Like, “omgoodness! Thanks! Hadn’t thought of walking for exercise! You just totally changed my life!”


So I didn’t love that and I was super happy when my therapist came to rescue me from that conversation outside.

Pro tip: NEVER point out someone’s size to them. Skinny, fat, average. Just don’t do it.

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4 thoughts on “I almost forgot!

    1. I WAS awful, but he did seem rather ill so I think it was literally a situation where everything he was thinking was coming out of his mouth. I don’t know if that makes sense. So while I was hurt by it, I didn’t say anything back because I didn’t think he could help it.


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