Had nice afternoon

I had a good therapy session, (covered basically everything AND got my treatment plan renewed), and then I went to lunch with a group of friends.

That was fun to be able to do.

I missed that.

Then we went “marathon shopping” all in the same store, but like I think they tried on everything in there.

It was pretty funny.

I got too hot eventually so that wasn’t fun, but mostly it was a good time.

I had a pretty healthy lunch and it was all I was planning on eating today, but I did get a really small ice cream cone on the way home.

I’m trying to allow for things like that.

It’s pretty hard though.

Also, it’s making me very ill like I’m getting pancreatitis again or something so I’m going to have to watch that.

It’s so hot today. I wore a sundress, but I still roasted.

The most important thing is though, I had a nice afternoon.

I’ll figure out the rest later.

Image from Pexels.

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