Hilarity ensues…

I have this cute comfy loose yellow tank top on today… except the strap broke.

So… I’m sitting in the dentist’s office waiting and the strap keeps falling down.


Pretty sure my friend will have a safety pin to rescue me, and if not, I have a different shirt in the car, (I tossed an old “work shirt” in there), but yeah.

This is the stupid kind of silliness that happens to me.

My life is like a sitcom.

Can’t get back in to see the nice dentist because he’s fully booked for a month. So… have to call every single day to see if things have opened up.


Bonus is, I got a filling with no pain! Yay! I was SO scared.

It’s all good! I really like this dentist.

Onto my next adventure…

Image from Pexels.

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