Things to do…

I really am busy like every day this week and going into next.

I think it’s probably good for me, even though sometimes it feels overwhelming.

When I’m doing things, I don’t feel the depression as much.

I am grateful that I have friends.

I am actually prepared for bible study today, wonder of wonders. It’s the last day we meet until this fall, but it’s good that I did these days because they were super relevant to me and what I’ve been going through (probably all it would have been, so now I need to go backwards, but this week especially).

I also have a couple of errands to run, and then I’m really excited about meeting an old friend from high school for lunch. She’s just a cool person. I’ve missed her.

I’m praying I don’t crash later. That seems to be what happens. I run out of things to do and I crash.

I don’t want to do that, so I have to come up with things to do.

I have the morning and part of the afternoon to figure that out…

Image from Pexels.

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