So I got a sunburn in the shade, under a tree, when it was cloudy out.


I’m glad I wasn’t sitting out any longer.

It’s kind of funny.

The mood stabilizer and other meds I’m on make me sensitive to sun and heat, so I also have a bit of a headache.

It’s only about 78°F here (or 26°C for the rest of you), but it’s hot enough for me to get sick.

It’s supposed to be near 90°F (32°C) tomorrow and humid, and I said I’d go out to my friend’s farm, so I’m a little worried about being outside tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t get sick. She has air conditioning though, and so does my car, so I guess if I start to feel too unwell, I can either go inside or go home in my car.

I am really tired from waking up super early today and also from the sun, so I’ll either be going to bed really early or taking a nap. Haven’t decided.

I currently have things that need to go into the dryer.

Fun times.

One of these days my space will be clean…

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