It’s an emergency!

Okay, so maybe not an actual emergency.

The air conditioning is dead at my house. It’s a real problem though considering how hot it’s supposed to get for the next week.

My mom does not handle heat well. She gets very sick.

I can’t tolerate it anymore either due to my psych meds. I get nauseated and dizzy and develop a headache.

I have two fans going right now and I still feel miserable. I can’t even imagine what tomorrow and the next day are going to look like.

I may move to the basement. Not kidding.

Thankfully, we were warned that the heating and air system was on its last legs, so it’s due to be replaced at the end of next week.

Meanwhile, we just have to not get sick.

Unfortunately we can’t just shove a window unit in one of the windows, because they are the kind that crank out, so that is a no go.

Otherwise, seriously I’d be at the store right now.

So yeah. Just anxious about this heat. I was already worried about it, but now I am REALLY worried about it.


I know this seems like a trivial thing to a lot of people, but we both get miserably ill.

I am going to be living in the cold shower situation I think.

Meanwhile, just gotta find some Tylenol…

Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “It’s an emergency!

    1. Thanks! I think my stepdad sort of got it to work a little.

      It’s keeping the house kind of cool at the moment. Hopefully, it stays that way for this week.


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