I am scared

I go volunteer in an hour and I’m fully freaking out.

I’m supposed to covid screen people and then text the appropriate person and let them know that their patient has arrived.

What if I text the wrong person???


Thank God I know how to project sounds through my diaphragm because most of these patients will have hearing issues and I’m glad I’m not a quiet person. For once that comes in handy.

I wish I knew sign language because that would be huge. I don’t. I only know how to say “thank you.”

I guess that’s something.

Im just worried I will set the place on fire or something. I don’t know how that would be possible, but I’m a klutz and anything is possible with me.

So yeah. Just afraid. It helps that the people are genuinely sweet.

Sigh. I can do this, right?

Image from Pexels.

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