At the bar…

…but I’m drinking water for a change and eating a half salad. With chicken.

I’m trying.

Tw: eating disorder

I realized I had only eaten a hard boiled egg today and it was five o’clock, so I needed to eat something a little more substantial.

I also wanted to be around people other than my parents.

My mom is sleeping the day away, and my stepdad is always doing his own thing.

So yeah.

I’m so glad the scale at the podiatrist office was in kg because I can’t covert them to pounds in my head and I made a conscious effort not to look at the scale anyway.

I know from my home scale I’ve lost 18.5 lbs since I started trying at the end of March, but it’s good to not weigh myself multiple times a day.

I’m tired all of the time from not eating. Nothing helps but coffee and nicotine. Thank goodness for my vape, but I’m more addicted to nicotine I think then I ever have been.

Ah well. I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

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