Scheduling for Sanity

I pulled this bad boy out from under a pile of crap in my room and started using it.

I do have a calendar on my phone where I keep all of my appointments, but I realized that I need to also schedule times for self care and other activities.

Sitting around most days doing “whatever” was helping me swirl into the abyss.

It also helps me figure out which days might be problematic a week ahead of time so I can plan better for them.

So what’s in there? Everything from “take a shower” to “doctor” to “make time for art.” It’s a hodgepodge of things, and not necessarily entirely strict, but it does help me to plan things out a little better.

I’ve been so resistant to doing anything close to this for years, even though it’s been suggested to me by countless people. Occupational therapists in the hospital have talked about “planning your leisure time.” My old case manager always talked about “having a schedule.”

I never did it.

Well folks, let me say, it’s saving my life right now.

Who knew?

Apparently everyone but me.

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